I'm 18 and live in Georgia. Currently getting my feet wet in the world of sugaring.
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What is a Sugar Baby?

"There are many, many factors that go into the definition of a sugar baby, but to strip it down to it’s most loose, basic terms - A sugar baby is a woman who agrees to be in a relationship with a man in exchange for money/gifts."

Common Sugar Baby Abbreviations:
SD - Sugar Daddy
SB - Sugar Baby
POT - Potential Sugar Daddy

Common sites used to search for a Sugar Daddy:
Seeking Arrangement (SA)
Sugar Daddy for Me (SD4M)
Sugar Daddie
Ashley Madison (AM)

*Tip: Don’t wait for messages to come your way. Message SD’s yourself. This increases your chances.

Profile Tips:

- Unfiltered/Edited photos. 
Preferably no duck faces, your photos send a message.

- Headline.
Reel ‘em in with something catchy. This is essentially a preview of you.

- Hobbies/Interest
Gives them something to connect with.

- Try not to write a novel. Say less with more.
- Grammar Check/Spell Check. Use them!
- Keep it positive.

Researching your Sugar Daddy:
Google. Search the following -

Phone #
First & Last Name - Try and find a Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
Images - Save a photo and upload it to Google Images to find their photos on any other site the picture is affiliated with.

Spokeo. Search the following -

Phone #
First & Last Name

Further screening:

*Tip: Research is not something to slack on. I spend a lot of time doing this, searching for any red flags.

Informative Tumblr Hashtags:
#sugar advice
#sugar tips
#sb tips

*Note: Each Sugar Baby has had different experiences therefore he/she may provide different advice. This is my advice from personal experience in the sugar bowl and what I found most helpful upon starting out.


i talked to this pot a while ago (messaged him first which is rare for me) who looks so good, almost unbelievably so, but lives in new jersey unfortunately. we had a good conversation and decided it probably couldn’t work bc of distance but today he messaged me saying that he received an email about some flights and may be able to come down labor day weekend!! 😊😊 wish me luck!

had someone message me on sd4m asking me to be an escort for his service… um no thank you, i’d prefer to choose what i do and who i do it with

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When a broke guy tries to ask me out.

someone just messaged me asking how much i’d like as allowance. i told him 2-3k a month. he then said it was ‘too rich for his blood’ and counter-offered me $100 a week……. no thank you

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I’m not using Ashley Madison anymore after this..

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Has anyone gotten a message from this man? I’ve never done anything like this but seems like it could be easy? 

i got this same message. it seems suspicious to me, i don’t get a good feeling. did you do it? if so what happened?

for a while i was logging in every day on SA to about 5/6 new messages but now i barely even have views.. 

somebody messaged me on sd4m saying they would pay me 20k a month to live with them and 2 other girls. i can’t lie, i’m tempted