I'm 18 and live in Georgia. Currently getting my feet wet in the world of sugaring.
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i talked to this pot a while ago (messaged him first which is rare for me) who looks so good, almost unbelievably so, but lives in new jersey unfortunately. we had a good conversation and decided it probably couldn’t work bc of distance but today he messaged me saying that he received an email about some flights and may be able to come down labor day weekend!! 😊😊 wish me luck!

had someone message me on sd4m asking me to be an escort for his service… um no thank you, i’d prefer to choose what i do and who i do it with

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When a broke guy tries to ask me out.

someone just messaged me asking how much i’d like as allowance. i told him 2-3k a month. he then said it was ‘too rich for his blood’ and counter-offered me $100 a week……. no thank you

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I’m not using Ashley Madison anymore after this..

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Has anyone gotten a message from this man? I’ve never done anything like this but seems like it could be easy? 

i got this same message. it seems suspicious to me, i don’t get a good feeling. did you do it? if so what happened?

for a while i was logging in every day on SA to about 5/6 new messages but now i barely even have views.. 

somebody messaged me on sd4m saying they would pay me 20k a month to live with them and 2 other girls. i can’t lie, i’m tempted

Screening your sugar daddies and pots: spokeo


Some may utilize other sites to search information on their sds. But with a combination of spokeo and Google, I usually have great success finding what I need to know.

Here are a few tips and things to be aware of:

1. Get as much info about your sd/ pot as you can before screening: email, phone number, company, last name. Hell, just ask for a business card! Reverse search all of that information on spokeo and usually SOMETHING is bound to show up! If not, then he isn’t telling you anything true about himself.

2. Google image search: I havent utilized it as much as I would like to because I’m always blogging from my phone. It seems like I can only do Google image search on my pc. If you are wondering what it is, basically you save a pic that your pot sent you to your computer. Type in Google image search and you can upload the picture and similar images may pop up. Showing where else the picture may be online (social network sites, business articles, etc. )
And you can get more info on the person this way.

3. Depending on how well known or how much general information is registered about your pot/ sd, the more successful the search will be. There will be glitches and little to no information sometimes. But dont give up hope! If he has given you any correct information then you should have some luck.
Ex: you may run across glitches like his race being listed incorrectly, status listed as married when he has been divorced for a few years now, and different phone numbers showing up.
You have to keep in mind that this could be information from years ago. Previous addresses are listed. But we are looking for the most recent one.

4. When looking for property values on spokeo, don’t get overly excited about seeing million dollar this and that without verification first of what TYPE of property is listed under the persons name.

Ex: you see an address listed under a pots name worth 5.7 million dollars and you get excited. You hit the jackpot!!!

Don’t start celebreating just yet. Copy and paste that address into the Google search engine and see what pops up. Google maps usually will offer a street view of the image. Also sites like zillow and trulia usually have more information on the property. ( estimated amount of mortgage payments, How many rooms,sq. Ft, when the property was sold, any FORECLOSURES! )

SO you do this and actually discover your pots “5.7 million ” property was actually an apartment complex. 😒
Lol, don’t be so disappointed. But it is nice to know what he has.

**** one more thing: if your pot has a few businesses of his own most likely he would be leasing or own commercial realestate for offices and ect. Look out for those too. Mainly we are looking to see if he has a freaking mansion or not! Lol!

There’s other tips and strategies out there when it comes to screening pots, but these are just a few that have worked for me in the past.

Happy hunting! 💋

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